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March 15 Super Tuesday Analysis

March 15 Super Tuesday analysis with insights by political psychologist Dr. Bart Rossi, PhD.  on WINK TV. Trump and Clinton score big, Cruz and Sanders are hanging around, Kadich refuses to quit, and Rubio exists.

According to Dr. Rossi, Marco Rubio made a huge error running his campaign to the right; he should have presented himself more closely to a Reagan styled moderate, conservative but sensible.

Trump too may be making a big error. Yes, he is winning the primaries, but he may be setting himself up for a big loss in a general election. While he had energized and is getting support from the angry segment of the public, he is also alienating himself with a large block of voters through his arrogance towards them; this includes gays, Latinos, Hispanics, African Americans, and immigrants, among them.

And what about Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders? Watch the full segment for Dr. Rossi’s insights and predictions.



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