Michael Cohen Testifies Against Trump

Michael Cohen Testifies Against Trump in public Congressional hearing. What did we learn, and what does his portrayal tell us about him?

With Washington buzzing with the unfolding drama of the Trump presidency, Cohen’s testimony is just one more chapter.

Michael Cohen has pled guilty to lying to Congress. He was sentenced for it and will be incarsorated begin in May.

So the question is what should we believe, of what Mr. Cohen has to say?

Certainly his statements have to be suspect. And while the Democratessave a few, were posing for the cameras with speeches, so too were the Republicans.

The Democrats ceased every exchange of testimony as evidence of Trump culpability, while the Republicans mostly used their time to attack Cohen’s credability.

However, Cohen also provided documents to make his case to the American public.

For his part, Cohen recited things he had done on behalf of the president. He stated many times, “yet I continued to work for him.”

The question is why?

He admittedly said he was caught up in his own ambitions, andnthe Trump power bubble.

Dr. Bart Rossi, Ph.D. concurred that Cohen may likely have fueled his own self esteem to be a central player, even if he knew deep down what he was doing on behalf of Trump was wrong, and/or potentially illegal.

Michael Cohen Testifies Against Trump

In this segment Dr. Rossi looks at Cohen’s motivations to stick with Trump for 10 years.



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