Mueller Report

The Mueller Report according to many sources is expected as early as next week. What will say, or not say? Dr. Bart Rossi, Ph.D. joins Wink News This Morning to discuss.

From the very beginning of the Mueller investigation, speculations about him and the forthcoming report have been in the national dialogue.

President Trump never wanted a Russia probe. According to him, it’s a ‘witch hunt, which he has called ‘fake’ news from the outset. It is therefore ironic that it was his own act of firing the Director of the F.B.I. — James Comey — to quell the investigation, which was the catalyst for the special prosecutor to be appointed in the first place.

From the onset, Trump has declared over and over that no one in the campaign had any contacts with the Russians. He himself, he said, didn’t have any contact with the Russians. Moreover, he didn’t do any business, pending deals, or friendships with any Russians. These have been proven false.

Through all the drama that has unfolded over the past two years, each drip of news brought more insights that there were, in fact, many contacts with the Russians. Does that on the face of it make anyone guilty of collusion? No, it doesn’t.

There have however been many in the Trump campaign that has been charged with crimes as it relates to the Russians. Most of these were for lying to prosecutors and Congress. General Flynn, the National Security Advisor pled guilty. Paul Manafort, the campaign chairman, was changed for a bucket load of crimes, many separate and apart from the campaign, for things like bank fraud, not disclosing being a foreign lobbyist; General Flynn was also guilty of not disclosing that he was a foreign lobbyist for Turkey during the campaign.

There were, in fact, over 100 instances where the Trump campaign was in contact with Russia, including Donald Trump Jr., senior advisor Jared Kushner, Manafort, Flynn, and many others.

The biggest questions that have arisen are:

  1. Why did they all lie about the meetings, many of which were not illegal?
  2. What motivated Trump’s affection for Putin in every public forum?
  3. Why did Trump, as President, share classified intel to the Russians in the Oval Office?
  4. Why did Trump downplay the Russians involvement in the election at every opportunity?
  5. Why did Trump side with Putin over his own intel community, on North Korea, Russia, Syria and, oddly, Montenegro?
  6. Why did Manafort share polling data with the Russians?
  7. What was the July Trump Tower meeting with the Russians about, with Kushner and Manafort in attendance?

These are just a few. From the moment Mueller was appointed Republicans began attacking him and his credibility, despite him being held in high bipartisan regard throughout his career?

The talking points for Trump allies, including Rudy Guiliani, is that there was a deep-state conspiracy to get Trump. According to them, the press, the F.B.I., the Justice Department, prosecutors,  foreign governments, and others, were a cabal looking to take down the presidency.

As the clock tics down to the Mueller Report, the discussion has now turned to what will it reveal to the Attorney General, what will he share with Congress, and American people?

William Bar was confirmed as the new Attorney General, a position he held once before in a previous presidency. The consensus is that he is a capable, honorable man that will ‘do the right thing’.

Should he not share the report with Congress, or strip it down, Congress can move on its own to subpoena Muller to appear before Congress — as they conduct their own investigation as what he discovered, or didn’t discover.

Mueller Report

In this episode Dr. Rossi discusses his thoughts on what we will see, and what, if anything, the President should fear most.



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