New Trump Budget Passes Divided House

New Trump budget passes divided House, with Republicans not happy. Will this impact the elections of 2020? Dr. BArt Rossi, Ph.D. joins WINK News to discuss.

In 2016 then-candidate Trump said that with his vast business background he could wipe out the entire national debt in eight years. Now into the third of his four-year term, the national debt has skyrocketed to record levels.

The new Trump two-year budget passed the House in a vote of 284 to 149. Conservative Republicans were not supportive, and a significant number voted no.

However, Democrats were faced with figuring out how to pay for things the government has already invested in, as well as keep the government open and avoiding another government shutdown like the one earlier in 2019. So unlike the last budget debate, the Democrats supported this one, averting yet another government shutdown.

The 2019 government shutdown was the longest,  but not the only, as there have been many government shutdowns in the country’s history. But 2019 was a bitter fight over President Trump demanding $6 billion for his border wall, while the Democratic-controlled house stood firm against it.

New Trump Budget Passes Divided House

In this episode, Dr. Bart Rossi provides his thoughts from the democratic and republican perspectives.



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