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Obama, Trump, Israel, and Russia.

Obama, Trump, Israel, and Russia. A lot going on two day before the new President is sworn in. Obama and Trump Disagree on Russia on Israel, and Trump is at odds with the intelligence community. Can Trump come out a ‘winner’?

The Republicans wanted Obama to play tough for years with Russia, now that he is they’ve fallen silent.

Dr. Bart Rossi, PhD, a political psychologist says Trump and Obama are coming from different sides, yet they’re both “playing their cards right.’

He gives credit to Trump on trying to form an alliance with Russia, but believes it is a high-risk move.

On Israel, is Obama trying to box Trump out in his last days? Is Trump the ‘dealmaker’ he claims to be?

Click to watch the 3 min episode to find out.

Obama, Trump, Israel, and Russia.

Russian Hacking Allegations

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