Opioids, Addiction and Trump

Opioids, Addiction and Trump  is the discussion today with political psychologist, Dr. Bart Rossi, PhD., on WINK News. Are the steps Trump is taking keeping up with his words claiming action would be taken to battle the crisis that claims lives every day.

For the second time in six months President Trump has discussed the opioid crisis. But according to Dr. Bart Rossi, PhD, a clinical and political psychologist, you can’t law-enforcement your way out of this crisis.

According to Dr. Rossi we have people in this country that are in severe pain and got hooked on painkillers because of the relief it provided, and/or others who take opioids because of mental health issues.  “that’s where we are. Now how do we solve that? We have in this country cognitive behavior treatments that have proved useful.

President Trump in his speech talked about executing drug dealers; stopping the in-flow of drugs into the country, but it’s already here. This is more of a medical issue than law enforcement — at least at this juncture of the crisis, yet I don’t hear any discussions about mental health solutions.

Watch this episode for more insights.

 Opioids, Addiction and Trump



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