Political Round-Up This Week September 24 2021

Political round-up this week September 24, 2021, includes a look at the J6 committee subpoenas, the debt ceiling battle, and a look into the border crisis. Political psychologist Dr. Bart Rossi, Ph.D. discusses with ABC affiliate Wink News.

The House select committee investigating the J6 insurrection came out swinging with subpoenas sent to four former Trump administration officials, including Chief of Staff Mark Meadows, Deputy Cheif of Staff Dan Scavino, Cheif of Staff to Secretary of Defense (at the time acting Secretary Christopher Miller), and political advisor Steve Banon. This comes on the heels of the Justice for J6 rally.

Members of the select committee noted that were not going to engage in cat and mouse time delay tactics, after watching the Trump administration stonewall during the four previous years.

 This is not the post Trump Democratic party, not the pre Trump Democratic party  

  • Select Committe Jamie Raskin

President Trump has publically stated that he will evoke “Executive Privilege”, which the Committee notes he doesn’t have. That privilege rests with the office of the presidency, which Trump no longer has. Moreover, the White House has recently said, publically, that they will not invoke that privilege in this instance.

Biden was quoted as calling what was happening in Del Rio, Texas is ‘horrific.” The border crisis of late has been centered around the Haitian crisis, as well as the scenes of border patrol on horseback. This administration is facing a new migrant surge on the border that decades of predecessors have failed to curtail with any sustainable solutions. The impact on Texas residents is raising frustration.

Political Round-Up This Week September 24

Rounding out the challenges the White House is facing this week, the U.S. government is also facing another debt-ceiling crisis. The GOP has taken a position to force the Democrats to go it alone, as voiced by Senator Rick Scott of Florida. If the Democrats are forced into a shutdown, they will shoulder the fallout, and if they pass legislation to avert a crisis, the GOP will then attack them as “spending too much.”


Dr. Rossi provides commentary of these three issues on today’s political round-up on ABC affiliate (Florida) Wink News.



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