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Post GOP debate with Dr. Bart Rossi PhD.

Post GOP debate with Dr. Bart Rossi PhD. discusses the upside and downside of Trump’s absence;  whether he has the winning personality, and the performances of Carson; Cruz, Rubio and Bush. Who won?

“The debate was a little flat” according to Dr. Bart Rossi, who thought that was a win for Trump; he catered to his followers by showing his independence to not show, and had a   successful fund-raise.

Post GOP Dabate with Dr. Bart Rossi PhD.

Asked about Trump in general, Dr. Rossi stated that while Trump is certainly comfortable in his own skin, is at times inconsistent, and too dismissive of too many people — GOP candidates, gays, Hispanics, blacks and others. He boasts “I’m the boss” attitude, but doesn’t provide a sense that he is a listener.  Ultimately says Dr. Rossi he does not possess “The Winning Personality” to win the 2016 presidential race.

Bush did better, “he needs to do more of this.”  Watch below to see the entire analysis.



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