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President Trump’s Speech to Congress

FORT MYERS, Fla. Addressing a joint session of congress for the first time, President Trump on Tuesday night got mixed reviews. Everyone had an option, from the New York Times to the Guardian. Political psychologist Dr. Bart Rossi, PhD.  joined WINK NEWS in the studio to provide his views on what Trump said, what he did well, and the psychology behind it all.

As Dr. Rossi had said all througout the campaign, Donald Trump is the authoratarian personality, the boss, the guy who is going to save America from itself. Trump will do that, he says, through tax breaks, a nationalistic approach to creating jobs, and a tough stance on foreign trade.

He will potect the country from ‘radical Islamic terrorism’ and illegal immigration.

According to Dr. Rossi “He did what he does well. He inflates the dangers and the worst possible scenarios so that he can be the savior. He did it tonight much more fluidly than in the past, and with less belligerence. So It thought it was a good performance.”

Did he reach people beyond his base? Did other viewers believe him?  Did he provide enough detail, or is it all at this juncture still just talking points?

President Trump’s Speech to Congress

And then there is healthcare. President Trump has long referred to the Afforatable Healthcare Act as a disaster. He has continuously said that it would be repealed and replaced simultaneously. Then there were talks of keeping some it; then he noted that healthcare is more complicated than one could believe. So what is his now current stance on healthcare?

Tune in to this episode to hear more.

Dr. Bart Rossi on President Trump’s Speech to Congress



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