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Psychology of Anthony Weiner is Analyzed

The psychology of Anthony Weiner is analyzed as he is at it again, sexting on the Internet. Why would he continue this behavior? Clinical psychologist Dr. Bart Rossi PhD. joins NY One to discuss this issue.

Is this idiocy or a real addition? How does this work, is this a personality disorder? Dr. Rossi says yes. He says that just like gambling addicts know they are losing all their money, they know they are ruining their lives, but they do it anyway. So to does Anthony Weiner know he is damaging his life.

According to Dr. Rossi this is deep-seeded issue.

Sure it’s narcissistic, it’s an emotional disorder. And is there commonality with Trump?

When the host shows the list of symptoms for psychopath, how many personality traits of those do Wiener and Trump share? Watch this episode and find out.

Psychology of Anthony Wiener is Analyzed



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