Senate Impeachment Witnesses

Senate impeachment witnesses are the topic of the day. Tennessee Republican Senator Lamar Alexander says the Democrats made their case.  However, he will vote no on witnesses and vote yes to acquit.   Dr. Bart Rossi comments.

Political psychologist Dr. Bart Rossi, Ph.D. digs into the impact of where the Senate appears to be headed. Senator Romney (R: Utah) will apparently vote yes for witnesses, while Lamar Alexander and Susan Murkowski (R: Alaska) will vote no.

The Impeachment investigation was initially slammed by Republicans because depositions were behind-closed-doors. This, despite Republican Congressmen on the committee given equal time to question the witnesses of that investigation. This took place because of the absence of a Special Counsel. Still, the Republicans staged their famous protest by storming the skiff.

There was also a complaint that there was not a vote in the House to begin the investigation. A vote followed. When the investigation moved to public testimony, the complaint was that the Republicans couldn’t call witnesses they wanted, nor was the President given defense counsel to cross-examine the witnesses. The divide was deep.

When it moved to the stage where the White House and their counsel were invited to participate, they refused. In fact, the White House refused any and all documents and barred members of the executive branch from testifying.

During this entire process, Trump allies have said that there is no evidence that the president partook in a quid pro quo. But, they said, if there were it would be very troubling.

Senate Impeachment Witnesses

Fast-forward to the Senate trial and the defense narratives have continued to shift. Republican Senator Lamar Alexander has said that yes, the Democrats had made their case. The defense team argued there was “no” evidence. Alan Dershowitz went further: if the president is involved in a quid pro quo, and he believe s his election is for the public good, he can do it.  To which many pushed back.

The defense then argued that there is no first-hand fact witness. In other words, no one could testify that the president told them “he told me I want this for that.” Suddenly, there was in John Bolton, the former National Security Advisor, and long-time conservative hawk.

The new shift then came, saying maybe he did engage in a quid pro quo for political gain, it doesn’t rise to impeachable conduct. And that seems to be where we are now. Many Republican Senators have said they’ve heard enough, they’re really to acquit.

In this episode, Dr. Rossi weighs in.



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