Sievers Murder Trial

The Sievers murder trial jumped into the headlines when the trial began on the 1st of October, three years after the murder occurred.  Psychologist Dr. Bart Rossi, Ph.D. appears to discuss the case.

In 2015 a well-known holistic medicine physician in Bonita Springs was killed in her home. The trial began on the 1st of October charging her husband, Mark Sievers, Curtis Wayne Wright Jr., a childhood friend of Mark Sievers’, and Jimmy Rodgers for the crime.

In addition to first-degree murder, Sievers and Rodgers face a conspiracy to commit murder charges. Rodgers faces an additional charge of first-degree burglary while armed.

Judge Bruce E. Kyle,  who served four terms as a Republican in the state House before winning election to the trial court in 2006, is in charge. A notable trial he presided over includes the Lake Boyz RICO case.

The boss of Jimmy Ray Rogers, one of the accused, testified on day two of the trial.

The husband and accused “hitman” in the murder are facing the death penalty. FOX 4 (Florida) has been covering the case.

According to an F.B.I. analyst, evidence recovered from the leg of deceased Bonita Springs doctor Teresa Sievers matched fibers taken from a blue jumpsuit. The jumpsuit was found in Missouri — not far from the home of suspect Jimmy Ray Rodgers, according to an FBI analyst.

Sievers Murder Trial

In this episode Dr. Rossi tried to unpack the case and the mindset of the accused.



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