Donald Trump May Need A Psychiatrist

Donald Trump may need a psychiatrist according to members of Congress, and the Congressman from California wants to file a Bill requiring an in-house psychiatrist to help the president with

Trump Inauguration Analysis

FORT MYERS, Fla. – Political psychologist Dr. Bart Rossi, PhD was in the WINK News studio to discuss the Trump inauguration analysis. The Trump Inauguration set the tone for the

A Unique Trump Presidency

A unique Trump presidency begins tomorrow as the man who shocked the world is sworn in as president. What can we expect? Dr. Bart Rossi, PhD talks with WINK News

The Trump Press Conference

The Trump press conference ignited discussions among some, disdain or jubilance among others. Trump was again the 'man in charge' as he continues projecting his authoritarian personality. Dr. Bart Rossi,

Obama, Trump, Israel, and Russia.

Obama, Trump, Israel, and Russia. A lot going on two day before the new President is sworn in. Obama and Trump Disagree on Russia on Israel, and Trump is at odds with

The Impact on Florida of a Trump Presidency

The Impact on Florida of a Trump Presidency hits on many topics, among them Medicaid/ Medicare, immigration, Cuba, and Climate Change. Dr. Bart Rossi, PhD stops by the WINK News

What’s Next For Obamacare?

What's next for Obamacare? This was part of the conversation in the WINK News studio -- with Political Psychologist, Dr. Bart Rossi. Repeal or amend it? What is at stake

The Trump White House Effect

The Trump White House Effect is on everyone's mind; those that believe in him and those that don't. How does it play out psychologically? Dr. Bart Rossi, PhD, a political

The Final Debate Analyzed by Dr. Rossi, PhD

The Final Debate analyzed by Dr. Rossi, PhD. dosn't fair well for Donald Trump. Using his clinical psychology background fused with his credibility as the WINK News political analyst he

How The Candidates Should Approach the Final Presidential Debate

How the candidates should approach the final Presidential debate to capture the undecided votes. Dr. Bart Rossi, PhD,  political contributor for WINK News, Campaign Central shares his views.