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Final Day of RNC Evaluated by Dr. Bart Rossi, PhD.

The final day of RNC convention discussed on WINK News Campaign Central with Shaun Kraisman and political psychologist Dr. Bart Rossi, PhD. What was Cruz thinking?

Dr. Bart Rossi PhD Elaborates on the Trump Speech

Dr. Bart Rossi PhD Elaborates on the Trump speech that he delivered at the Republican Convention. Trump vows to be the voice for those that are frustrated with the government and

Dr. Rossi Discusses Day Two at the RNC Convention

Dr. Rossi Discusses Day Two at the RNC Convention, and it all begins with Mrs. Trump. She was the news of the day. Her speech was nice, but then ... Wait,

What to Expect at the RNC Convention

What to expect at the RNC convention is a loaded question. Certainly it's about Donald Trump, but also the party, the city of Cleveland, the protesters. Political psychologist Dr. Bart

The 2016 Vice President Matchup

The 2016 Vice President matchup has many options for both Trump and Clinton. Political psychologist Dr. Bart Rossi, PhD. joins Campaign Central on WINK News to offer his insights.

Trump and Clinton Both Making Headlines

Trump and Clinton both making headlines, but for different reasons. The Donald seems to be coming off the rails, while Hillary becomes the first woman to secure the Democratic Party

Donald Trump From a Psychological Perspective

Donald Trump from a psychological perspective --as he raises money and then bashes the media. Some continue to question his temperament, and misdirection. Other's say he is playing the media? Is

Dr Bart Reviews Trump vs Ryan and Bernie Sanders Motives

Dr Bart Reviews Trump vs Ryan and Bernie Sanders motives on Campaign Central, WINK-TV.  Will Trump acquiesce? Will Ryan? Does either need to? And what about bernie, what's his end

The Psychology Behind the Presidential Election

The psychology behind the Presidential election looks first at hillary Clinton Vs. Bernie Sanders, and then at Donald Trump Vs the Republican elite. A WHDT News interview with political psychologist

Hillary Clinton Will Win The Presidency 2016

Hillary Clinton will win the presidency 2016 -- according to an article entitled "Analysis on 2016 Primary Presidential election" in New Theory. The article was based on the opinions of