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The 2016 Vice President Matchup

The 2016 Vice President matchup has many options for both Trump and Clinton. Political psychologist Dr. Bart Rossi, PhD. joins Campaign Central on WINK News to offer his insights.

After a short discussion about the FBI ruling on Ms. Clinton’s email server investigation, Dr. Rossi provides his thoughts on believability that both hillary Clinton and Donald Trump need to deal with in the aftermath.

The discussion then turns to the vice president choices; the options available and who Dr. Rossi expects each candidate to choose. and who he thinks they should choose, and why. Among those discussed were  Tim Kaine (senator, governor, mayor), and a fresh face like  Julian Castro, Housing and Urban Development Secretary.

Possible vice president choices for Trump include mike Pence, governor of Indiana, and former Speaker of The House , Newt Gingrich. Trump needs Newt and Newt wants the job; the big questions is can they get along — Newt too is strong-headed, and  egocentric.

The 2016 Vice President Matchup



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