The Impeachment Discussion

The impeachment discussion now rages on with new revelations about the call that Trump had with the Volodymyr Zelensky, the newly elected president of Ukraine. So what next?

Many have often been curious, if not outright alarmed, as to why President Trump seems to go out of his way to support and or propel Russia’s agenda. He never calls Russia out on anything. His administration dragged their feet imposing sanctions that Congress approved against Russia. Trump lifted sanctions off companies owned by Russian oligarch Oleg V. Deripaska. And he has been relentless in urging the G7 to readmit Russia into the G7 (G8).

While there have been dozens and dozens of corruption scandals with his appointees in various agencies (many of whom were fired or forced to resign), the country has become numb to Trump’s antics.

But then this happened — Trump allegedly used the power of his office in an attempt to aid his political re-election campaign. And this was a bombshell that no one saw coming. The story is simple, clear and concise, according to many. Enough so that some two third’s on the Democratic caucus now support impeachment. Moreover,  this one incident seems to have shifted American’s support for impeachment more than the Mueller Report did. Recently House Republicans failed in their effort to block an official impeachment inquiry.

The Impeachment Discussion

The story is pretty simple.  Congress approved military aid in the hundreds of millions of dollars for Ukraine in their ongoing efforts to protect their eastern border from an aggressive Russia.  Russia has already been sanctioned by the G7 for its annexation of Crimea. See the history of Russia and Ukraine since 2014 here.

So, here is what happened:

  1. withholds the release of the Ukrainian aid.
  2. asks Ukraine” for a favor”  to investigate Trump’s political rival (see Transcript)
  3. Trump aide’s try to hide the transcript in a server reserved for national security

Since then, it was reported in The Hill, that a former Zelensky advisor said

it was made obvious to Ukrainian officials that President Trump would communicate with them only if they agreed to discuss former Vice President Joe Biden’s son Hunter Biden, ABC News reported on Wednesday.

There is still an ongoing fight by Congress to get the full whistleblower report, which the IG found to be “credible” and “urgent.” The acting Director of National Intelligence has pushed back, saying he won’t release it, and did show up for a congressional hearing.

IN THIS EPISODE of WINK News, political psychologist Dr. Bart Rossi, Ph.D. was in the studio to discuss where things are and seem to be going.



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