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The Long Term Virus Problem

What is the long term virus problem that America faces? We’re all aware of the short-term problems — from social distancing, feeling alone, and the economy tanking. In an interview, I talked about the long term problems we face.

When I was asked what the post-Covid19 effects will be, I focused on the human psychology aspect. We also discussed how governments see the problem, and the short-term solutions.

We’ll politicians dealt with how to contain the virus, and how to reboot the economy, my thoughts were focused on what human psychology will be, after.

As a nation, we’ve overcome everything we’ve been confronted with. And no doubt we’ll emerge from this crisis too. But what the lingering effects. How will it change the way Americans view the world, their own lives, and the world at large?

These were some of the things we discussed.

You can see the entire interview here.


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