The U.S. North Korea Deal

  1. Was the U.S. North Korea deal a good deal for the U.S.? This is the topic today on WINK News with political psychologist Dr. Bart Rossi, PhD.

The world has sought to disarm the rogue state of North Korea for decades. President Clinton got as far as a signed deal with North Korea that was supposed to do just that. But North Korea pursued their nuclear capabilities in stealth anyway.

North Korea has sought in vain for decades to have a one-on-one meeting with the U.S. president, knowing it would validate them on the world stage.  After lambasting President Obama for suggesting that he was considering a one-on-one meeting with North Korea. His critics on the right — including Donald Trump — pointed out that such an idea was reckless and revealed how little he knew about foreign affairs.

Now during the Trump presidency, Donald Trump has gone and done just that: met one-on-one with Kim Jong-Un of North Korea. The noise has been loud, both from the left — who claims Trump gave North Korea the recognition they’ve sought, made concessions to end war drills with South Korea –, while the right is shouting Nobel and history in the making.

So who is right?

Was the U.S. North Korea deal a good deal for the U.S.?



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