Transgender Law Bans Transgender Athletes

Transgender Law bans transgender athletes with many scratching their heads asking, why?  Political psychology Dr. Bart Rossi, Ph.D. joins WINK news to discuss.

Governor DeSantis signed into law banning transgender athletes from participating in sports teams opposite their birth sex. The law comes on the heels of another controversial anti-riot bill he signed. West Virginia signed a similar transgender athlete ban bill. Stephanie Rule challenged Governor Justice to provide one example of a transgender athlete taking fair advantage of any other girls.

The transgender debate is a complicated one. In an article in VOX back in March, they noted that Republicans were introducing bills like these in approximately 30 states.

Firstly, the idea that transgender girls are really just boys who decide to dress up as girls, is extremely misleading, at the least. Secondly, born biologically male, transgender girls who’ve undergone hormone treatments, develop as girls: the estrogen in their system stimulates softer skin, less muscle mass, and many other biological things. As such, they simply don’t have any physical advantage.

But, more importantly, who are these bills aimed at — many argue that there just aren’t enough trans kids to be passing bills to inhibit them.  Therefore, it’s a solution searching for a problem.

The NCAA has come out in support of trans athletes.

So the question that arises is, what is the purpose of these bills other than playing to a conservative base?

Transgender Law Bans Transgender Athletes

In this episode, Dr. Bart Rossi raises questions and provides commentary on the pros and cons regarding the bills. Who gains, and who loses.


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