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Trump Follower Psychology 101

President Trump follower psychology 101 confounds many. The media continues to discuss the “typical” Trump supporter, confused by a base of 25 to 33 percent of the American public. And of course, the big question is why? 

Much of the discussion around Trump involves what may be obvious — in terms of lies, fabrications, bizarre behavior and what seems to be their attempts to defend the indefensible.  But while there are some in the GOP who simply want any President who is for tax cuts (which affects them), they support him, although, most do not fall into this category. For those without a college education who have low-income wages or, even those that are marginally in the so-called middle class, they don’t experience any tax benefits from the Trump administration. This begs the question, why this overwhelming support for Trump?  

To start with, take a look at the people showing up for his rallies.  They don’t seem to be there because of money or power. So, there are other motivations.

There are some Americans that want to “believe” that they are better than others who look different than themselves.  They view themselves in a “class” above the immigrants, minorities, blacks, Hispanics, gays, transgender people, etc.  

Candidate Trump tapped into a deep sense among some Americans that they were not only under-appreciated, but he made it O.K. to vent their anger toward those who are different than themselves.   It actually makes them “feel” better to believe they are “better.” Many at the rallies seem to relish the Trump harsh rhetoric directed at immigrants and minorities. It seems to be an “uplifting” experience! for them.

Trump Follower Psychology 101

So, when people ask when his base will finally move away from Trump, my answer is, they won’t. Facts don’t seem to matter. Character doesn’t seem to matter. They have envisioned in Trump someone who thinks and feels as they do, and he alone is on their side, despite any evidence to the contrary.  They continue to make every attempt to dismiss the facts and what is obvious, because if Trump is proven a fraud, the illusion of what he represents crashes, too.

These Trump supporters (and again, some of his supporters, not all) have a personal belief system that wants to believe they are better than the “others.”   They may not admit to this, but it is real.   “Class” matters and Trump exploited it all to win the presidency.     

What happens next with the impending indictments, conflicts, and a potentially devastating Mueller report will be political chaos on a scale we have never seen.  If division seems like a real problem now, in the next few months we will most likely view America in turmoil. Trump will try anything and everything to color Mueller and his findings as “fake news.” Yet, even with strong evidence,  his strong single-minded supporters, they’ll look away. If Trump fails, they fail, or so they see it as such. And thus, wanting a strong Authoritarian Personality — who is constantly pushing back at everyone, not like themselves (in their mind) –. Trump will forever be their guy, and Trumpism their mantra.  



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