Trump Impact on NATO

The Trump Impact on NATO was a lot of posturing according to Dr. BArt Rossi, Ph.D., a political psychologist who appeared on WINK News to discuss the takeaways.

Firstly, NATo is not just a static alliance, where the group comes to the defense of a member under threat. It is a dynamic organization, because (the U.S.) have military bases and troops positioned throughout the alliance countries.

The president is not necessarily wrong about some of his grievances. For example, the members perhaps should be paying a bit more for their defense budgets.

The difficulty right now is that Trump wants to be the authoritative personally because he is an authoritative figure.  But he is despite having valid points he is abandoning partnership diplomacy with such sharp — and public — language. And the blowback has been swift and loud. For example, the citizenry of Britain has reacted harshly to Trump’s rhetoric,  clearly visible by the demonstrations that occurred during his one day visit there. And, of course, with the flying of the Trump baby balloon.

No matter what Trump does, the U.S. Nato alliance will hold. The Congress just voted 97 to 2 in support of the alliance. Some of Trump’s complaints are not new. Other presidents have voiced some of the same concerns, though recognizing that the U.S. is better served with the alliance than without it.

Certainly, the alliances will be watching the U.S. – Russia summit closely, as will Americans.

Trump Impact on NATO



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