Trump Post the Mueller Report

Trump post the Mueller Report has if anything intensified the debate, not quelled it. Dr. Bart Rossi, Ph.D., a political psychologist talks with WINK News

Attorney General William Barr sent a four-page letter to Congress summarizes the conclusions of the Muller Report. In that letter, he noted that Muller found no criminal “collusion” between any American and the Russians, and not enough evidence to prosecute President Trump for obstruction of justice.

President Trump and his allies called it TOTAL VINDICATION, despite any of them having seen the report itself.

What followed was historical: the Muller team pushed back, saying his letter did not accurately describe what they submitted; that they had written several summaries that were ready for public view that Barr chose not to use.  So, the battle between Congress and Attorney General Barr enter a new phase, as Congress demands the full report.

The Attorney General took it upon himself to make a conclusion of the Muller Report because Muller’s team didn’t.  However, when you read the Report, Mueller clearly states that they didn’t submit a conclusion due to DOJ policy that a Special Counsel couldn’t indict a sitting president. Further, he lays out the explanation that how to proceed with the findings, according to the Constitution,  lies with Congress.

In the aftermath, Trump says it’s all bullsh*t. What will the Congress now do? Chairman Shiff maintains his position that Trump associates we’re actively involved with Russians throughout.

Trump Post the Mueller Report

In this episode, Dr. ROssi weighs in on his view of how the Report will affect the president. Moreover, with Sarah Sanders admitting she lied at the podium — when she said the rank and file of the F.B.I. had lost faith in Comey –, what changes if anything, the White House will make going forward.



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