Trump Says He Loves America

President Trumps says he loves America. He hugs the flag, says he is fighting for the forgotten Americans. Is he? Political psychologist Dr. Bart Rossi, Ph.D. responds to the latest ‘Send her back” chants.

Immigration has been at the center of Donald Trump’s core pre-election promises. He said the United States is being invaded by terrorists, rapists, gang members, and drug cartels.  Evidence by his own administration contradicts these claims.  And Trump says he loves America.

The idea that terrorists that hate America are slipping through with illegal immigrants is just not supported by the facts. Of the thousands of terrorists, he claims are sneaking into the country, only a few isolated instances were reported. In such cases, people were stopped and questioned as people of interest. But none were actually identified as being terrorists.

Despite his claims that he loves America, he consistently violates the Constitution and the rule of law. The free press, which was a founding principle of our Constitution, he refers to as the ‘enemy of the people.’ Capitalism, which he supports, is circumvented when he lashes out at American businesses and affects their stock prices. And, the rule of law he violates continually while encouraging others to violate it as well.  So his words contradict him when Trump says he loves America.

He often led chants of ‘drain the swamp,’ though this administration has a record-breaking list of resignations for corruption by the ‘best people’ due to double-dealing.

President Trump ‘says’ he supports legal immigration. Yet, in reference to congresswoman Ilhan Omar, he wants to ‘send her back’ to her shitty country. She is a legal nationalized citizen who was ‘elected’ to Congress. Her only anti-Americanism is that she opposes  Trump’s rhetoric, immigration policies, and corruption. His base agrees that this is grounds to chant ‘send her back.’

This was on display at a recent rally in North Carolina. In an interview in the following days, Trump said he disagreed with the chant; that he didn’t start the chant, nor did he join in. He said he quickly ended it. But he didn’t quickly end it: he let it go forth for 13 seconds. Moreover, they were simply repeating what he Tweeted only days before.

Trump Says He Loves America

Is this a strategic move by Trump? Who does it hurt? In this episode Dr. Bart Rossi asks, what did these Congresswomen do that was anti-American to suggest that they should leave? What did they say or do suggesting they hate America?



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