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Trump Trial Psychology and Whether Trump Will Debate

This week on Power & Politics, Dr. Bart Rossi, Ph.D., analyzes the Trump Trial psychology and how it may have affected the jury. He and host Frank Cipolla also discuss Trump’s VP regarding the issues in this election cycle and the hopeful VP’s positions on them. They discuss and pick who they think would help Trump win.

Will Trump appear for the first Biden-Trump debate? Dr. Bart says 7 to 5, no, and explains why.

The hosts also discuss climate change and its effects on Florida and Governor Ron DeSantis’s new attacks on climate policy.

It is a robust episode this week, diving into the P.Diddy abuse story.

Trump Trial Psychology

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View Donald Trump’s post-guilty verdict press conference and see if you can pick out the numerous lies. To begin with, he states he was being tried for fraudulent records but has never been charged for that, yet his business was found liable a year ago on 17 counts, and his CFO served prison time; more recently, the Trump Organization was criminally convicted and sanctioned $400+M.

5 Things You Should Know About the Trump Guilty Verdict

IN an article in Morningstar, they noted:

After the May 30, 2024, conviction of Donald Trump on 34 felony counts of falsifying business records in New York, what comes next? The former president’s legal team will likely appeal the verdict. “We will fight for our Constitution,” Trump said following the verdict’s announcement. “This is long from over.” A sentencing hearing for Trump is set for July 11.

The Conversation’s U.S. politics and society editor, Amy Lieberman, spoke with Gabriel J. Chin, a scholar of criminal law and procedure, to better understand the verdict.

1. Why were there so many different felony counts in this case?

2. What is most important for people to understand about this conviction?

3. What can we know, if anything, about what his sentence might look like?

4. Given this verdict, is it likely that Trump will serve time in prison?

5. What made the evidence so strong in this case that it persuaded jurors?




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