Trump White House Anxiety

Trump White House anxiety stems from the onslaught of indictments, guilty pleas, and tidbits surrounding the Mueller Russia investigation probe. Add to that today’s congressional hearings with James Comey, and, the investigations the new Congress is certain to launch.

The Mueller investigation if nothing else has revealed that many in the Trump universe have all lied under oath. Many are going to serve prison time. Others, like Michael Flynn, may not — at least the Meuller team has recommended to the court that he doesn’t. you have to wonder what the Meuller team has learned from Flynn’s cooperation that he would tell the court that Flynn has been so helpful he shouldn’t do jail time for his admitted crimes.

This certainly something the Trump team has to be considering.

James Comey is appearing before the Senate committee today to be interviewed by them behind closed doors. There was drama when he (Comey) challenged a closed-door session in a court motion, requesting that it be open to the public. The standoff was resolved with the Senate agreeing to deliver a transcript of the hearing within 24 hours, and agreement that Comey could go public with that transcript.

There are lots of questions swirling around the Russia investigation, and the Trump White Houe anxiety most likely stems from what they don’t know. Mueller is a seasoned prosecutor who isn’t going to rely solely on testimony unless he can corroborate and verify it to be true.  Michael Flynn has fully cooperated; Michael Cohen has fully cooperated; Rick Gates has fully cooperated, as did Popodopolis.

Paul Manafort, though he signed a cooperation deal with investigators, has been said by Meuller’s team that he has lied, and therefore nullified any plea deal he made. Many believe that Manafort is holding out hope that Trump will pardon him. That is yet to be seen.

The new Congress has indicated that they will seek Trump’s tax returns, now that they have subpoena powers, which could set off a constitutional crisis. They want to know what president Trump’s financial connections to Russia, Saudi Arabia, and others are if they are at all. He lamented many times on the campaign trail, and again after being sworn in, that “no one” on the Trump team had “any” contacts with the Russians. We now know that was an outright lie. He further stated that he had “no” financial ties to “any” Russians; he didn’t have “any” business with “any” Russians, nor “any” potential deals with any Russians. We now know that was a lie.

The intelligence community has said with “high certainty” that the Russians hacked the DNC and Hillary Clinton’s campaign and that MBS ordered, or certainly knew about and condoned, the killing of the Washington Post reporter Jamal Khashoggi.

In the aftermath of that, questions arise as to why Trump pushed the G.O.P. to change the plank of their platform regarding Ukraine, which was beneficial to Russia; why did Trump resist sanctions against Russia; why Trump project uncertainty about Russia’s attempts to interfere with our elections; and, why is he so resistant to punitive actions against Saudia Arabia, even after saying he would if it was found out MBS — or the Saudi government — was involved?

Trump White House Anxiety

Did Team Trump engage in quid pro quo with Russia during the election? Does president Trump have financial deals with either Russia and/or Saudia Arabia? Was there any conspiracy attempted, or achieved?

There is a lot to unpack there. Should Trump be vindicated from the results of these investigations, he can stand tall and say “I told you so.” And no one should rush to judgment on what the investigation will reveal, as no one outside of the Meuller team really knows what they know, or don’t.

We’ve learned that there was a systematic effort across team Trump to lie to Congress, the investigators, and the public. This includes Vice President Pense. Does it go beyond lying? We will all just have to wait and see.



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