Uniting America 2020

Uniting America 2020  in the wake of the election is Biden’s goal, he says. Dr. Bart Rossi, Ph.D. discusses the pandemic, the economy, police reform, and unity.

The 2020 Election took a divided country on a 5 day rollercoaster of emotions, leaving most entrenched in their beliefs. Even Trump supporters were split among themselves as one group chanted Count The Vote, and another Stop The Count.  Of course Count the Vote was be shouted in a state where Trump was trailing, and Stop The Count be chanted in a state where Trump was quickly losing ground.

But despite all the drama, the emotions. the misinformation, Joe Biden is the President-Elect.  However, President Trump began filing lawsuits days ago making it clear that he intends to litigate the validity of the election. That shouldn’t be a surprise, as he spent months leading up to the election laying the groundwork for such a move. He repeatedly worked up his base at rally’s laying the false narrative: the only way we can lose to sleepy joe is if they cheat.

They erected “unscalable” gates around the White House, and one day ago a Vanity Fair article had the following headline:


Trump made and continues to make false claims, such as Saturday when he said:


In a press conference mid-counting, President Trump seemed thoroughly bewildered, stating that “we were winning everything, then it all just  disappeared.”

There is no mystery to the 2020 election. Trump himself urged his supporters not to vote by mail, and to show up on Election Day to vote in person. The Biden camp urged voters to stay safe, vote in person if they could, but use early mail-in-ballots if they couldn’t.

So it was widely expected that on election night Trump would have an early lead, and then as mail-in ballots were counted Biden would overtake the lead. And that is exactly as it played out.


President Trump, incorrectly, kept referring to the mail-in ballots as fraud, which many Republican commentators, including Rick Santorum, have noted is (A) unfounded, and (B) dangerous.

It is worth noting, that Trump likes to point out Pennsylvania is run by Democrat Governor Tom Wolf. He wants to paint the picture that the Democrats orchestrated late ballot counting so they could “cheat”.

The reality is that the Republican Pennsylvania legislature shot down the Governor’s request to allow early prep like Florida now does. This would have allowed them to begin sorting and the verification of ballots days before.  Then on Election Day they could simply put the verified ballots into the counter and have had results that night. The Republican legislature said no, then the Republicans at large complained that the count was taking too long. Trump even kept making the argument that any ballots not opened on Election Day were somehow a fraud.

As President-Elect Biden vows to unite the country.

Uniting America 2020

The Constitution never instructs that all ballots must be counted on Election Day. People vote the ballots are tallied, and then it is weeks before the projected outcome is verified,  which is one of the reasons that the President-Elect doesn’t take over the next days — it is months later.

In this episode, Dr. Rossi appears on WINK News to discuss uniting America 2020. He delves into a pandemic action plan, the political divide, and the economy.

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