Valentine’s Day Romance

Valentine’s Day romance isn’t the same as long-term romance. Could one evolve into the other? What are the keys to long-lasting relationships? Psychologist Dr. Bart Rosii, Ph.D. provides a few tips.

Romance may seem pretty simple: I like them and they like me, so what else is there to think about? Well, it turns out that there are plenty of things to consider. And many professionals have varying perspectives on the topic.

So what does it take to have a healthy relationship

One of the things that being in long term relationships has revealed to me, is that a shared world view matters. This could even impact a Valentine’s Day romance unless it was to be just a short-term romp. If you see the world diametrically differently, it may make a good relationship difficult.

My shortlist of key ingredients for long-lasting romantic relationships include:

  1. Similar world view
  2. Good communication
  3. Honesty
  4. Chemistry

Romantic dinner

What makes a relationship last, however, is a mix of different ingredients from one psychologist to another. For example, Psychcentral provides these 15 tips, the first fix being to Show your appreciation every day. Surprise your partner, Carve out time to be together, Devise your dream getaway, Take turns planning dates, and mix things up. 

Boston Eventing has yet a different perspective. Their shot list is to Express empathy, Control your own emotions, and Focus on the positives and overlook the negatives.

Valentine’s Day Romance

In this short video episode, Dr. Bart Rossi discusses opposites. Do they really attract, and is that a good thing?  What do Millenials get about relationships that those before them may have missed?  Check out some good tips for relationships, and perhaps that Valentine’s Day romance could be long-lasting.



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