Wall Showdown With Incoming Congress

The wall showdown with incoming Congress members is expected to be hard-fought. 800,000 are without paychecks, and Trump says it could last months, or years. Dr. Bart Rossi is in the Wink News studio to talk about the psychology of it all.

Those not paying attention to the wall debate for the past two years are paying attention now. The President to date has only spent about 6% of the $1.3 – 1.6 billion approved last year for border security. Yet he continues to shout that he wants border security.  That, however, is double-speak for he wants to build the “wall” he promised his supporters during the 2016 campaign.

There are many issues surrounding a concrete wall. Outgoing Cheif of Staff General Kelly said the administration abandoned a concrete wall concept early in the administration. President Trump pushed back the next day saying he never abandoned plans for a concrete wall.

Many experts argue that the wall is ill-conceived because of cost, impact, and logistics. Just to build the roads to get the equipment to some of the areas being considered would be in the billions of dollars. Then the cost of the wall itself is now estimated at $25 billion. And then there is the cost of ongoing maintenance, all totaled, skyrocketing towards 100 billion.

Moreover, many say it will have little impact. Their reasons include that 50% of illegals come into the U.S. legally and then overstay their visas. That the illegals are usually smuggled in via ports of entry and tunnels, not across many of the areas being considered for a wall. Additionally, drugs too, come in mostly through ports of entry, or via tunnels or drones. The case, therefore, is to focus on beefing up personnel, expanding technology, and where plausible, adding some barriers.  Trump isn’t having any of it.

The Shutdown

The government shutdown is affecting some 800,000+ families across the United States.  It seems to be easy for people on social media to be glib about it, because, I imagine, it isn’t affecting them.

A bill that passed the Senate last year the president refused to sign after saying he would. He decided he wanted $5.6 billion for his wall. Conservative media is supportive, his base is supportive; the majority of America is not. They made this clear during the 2018 midterms. It was the largest Congressional changing of the guard since the elections that followed Nixon’s resignation.

Wall Showdown With Incoming Congress

In this episode, Dr. Bart Rossi, Ph.D., a clinical and political psychologist offered his opinions on what he thought (A) the president and Democrats are thinking, (B) their options, and (C) where it will end, and where the potential cracks in the standoff might be found.  He suggests a direction that Pelosi should take.




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