What Mental Health Looks Like

What mental health looks like can affect mass shootings, homelessness, and other negative social impacts.  Reporter Kristin Sanchez discusses how we should respond to mental health issues with psychologist Dr. Bart Rossi, PhD,  on WINK News.

In a country where we have golfers who have personal psychologists yet mother’s are afraid to take their kids to a psychologist, or can’t afford one, it shines a light on the disproportionate attention mental health is getting.

At a time when we’ve endured yet another school shooting, mental health should be paramount. Republican just slashed mental health out of two bills, while on the other side of the aisle the democrats don’t have much to say either. Yet all these politicians talk about needing to do something in the wake of the last shooting, but lack the will to include mental health into healthcare.

These and more views are part of the discussion in this latest episode.

What Mental Health Looks Like


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