Will Bannon’s Exit Change Trump?

Steve Bannon is out of the White House and some are questioning the competence and mental stability of the president. To help us break down the mental consequences of working in an unstable White House, political psychologist Bart Rossi PhD. shares his thoughts

According to Dr. Rossi feels that in addition to a strong narcissist personality, he believes president Trump exhibits a “thought” disorder.

He doesn’t believe that Bannon being out is going to change Trump’s personality.

As people are questioning the President’s mental stability, Dr. Rossi suggests that if the leader of his party decide to push-back, in other words not support his agenda, that could have an impact on Trump.

Classic narcissists tend to blame everyone around them for their shortcomings. So if he was unable to move forward and be seen as a winner, there is a likely chance that he could resign, blaming that decision on others not working with him.

There has been suggestions that Trump should be forced to undergo a psychological examination. Can the President be forced to do so? Watch this episode and find out.

Will Bannon’s Exit Change Trump?



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