Zero Tolerance Immigration Policy

The Zero Tolerance immigration policy, introduced in May by the Trump administrations’ Attorney General Jeff Sessions, has ignited backlash across the United States.  Political psychologist Dr. Bart Rossi, PhD. was in the WINK News studio for a discussion on the issue.

Dr. Rossi discusses the emotional and psychological impact, both on the children, and the country as a whole.

There are some Americans who supported the zero-tolerance policy, but the major majority has not and been very vocal about it.

Donald Trump, in a rare move to appease the majority, signing an executive order to keep the illegal immigrant families together. While Trump himself and his followers continued to make false claims — that the Democrats passed a law in 1997 to split illegal alien families — about how the country got here, the question now is how to move forward.

Dr. Rossi, PhD. discussions policy impact, implementation, costs, and sowing the seeds of anti-American sentiments. And what about the “I don’t Care, Do you?” jacket worn by Malainia during her trip to visit a child detention center. What is the message, and was it misconstrued?

Zero Tolerance Immigration Policy



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