Personal Freedoms vs Coronavirus Policy

Personal freedoms Vs Coronavirus policy have been in the national dialogue for some time. From storming the capital in Michigan to oppose the stay at home orders, to the debate over wearing masks.  Dr. Bart Rossi joins WINK News to discuss personal freedoms vs. personal responsibility.

Freedom.  It seems to be at the center of raging debates around the country amid the spread of the Coronavirus pandemic.  In early April some Governors issued ‘stay at home’ orders, in an attempt to inhibit the spread of the virus. Fueled by alt-right media, such as Carton Tucker, Hannity, Laura Ingraham, Jeanine Piero — and others — who denounced the Caronoavirus as “nothing more than the common cold”, the stay home order was now, according to them, a left-wing conspiracy is trying to control people’s lives. And suddenly there were protests springing up across the country; in Michigan, Ohio, California, and others. It became their personal freedoms vs Coronavirus policy.

Actually, no one was looking to control anyone’s lives. The stay at home orders was an effort to do what elected officials are supposed to do: protect the public. Health experts, science. and common sense led policy decisions. Conspiracy theory led the pushback.

There were (and are) those that want to concoct a fight when none really exists.  When a teenager has a high fever and a cold, should they rage that their parents are impeding their 1st amendment rights because they’re requested to stay in bed? The entire argument is ridiculous, yet, swarms of people across the country thought it revolution worthy.

Revolt Against Masks.

Seatbelts vs masks

In a new twist, there is now a pushback on mask-wearing. In fact in Ocala Florida — a slow-to-respond state that then became the epicenter of the pandemic — a Sherriff banned the use of masks entirely.

Some weeks ago I had brought up the topic of personal freedom vs. social responsibility. And it appears that we’re nationally still stuck in that debate. President Trump refused to wear a mask in the first 5 months of the pandemic, nor to order anyone else to. Then in July, he did a 180-degree turn, wearing a mask himself and that they’re ‘patriotic.

Then again, President Trump has perhaps provided more disinformation about the Coronavirus than anyone else. The Atlantic had published an article listing all the lies.

I would ask why imposing the wearing of masks impeds one’s freedom, but imposing seatbelts doesn’t?

Personal Freedoms vs Coronavirus Policy

The 1st Amendment provides citizens with certain freedoms, religion, and speech among them However, those freedoms are not limitless. Dr. Rossi shares insights.



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