Presidential Debate Confusion 2020

Presidential Debate Confusion 2020 is really a debate about the upcoming debate. With the president recently infected with COVID19, the debate commission wanted it to be virtual, Trump says no. What happens now?

Dr. Bart Rossi, Ph.D., a political psychologist, and political commentator, joins WINK News to discuss the presidential debate confusion 2020.

The Commission on Presidential Debates announced a few days back that the planned October 15th debate would be virtual. This was due to President Trump being diagnosed and hospitalized with COVID19. Even as his doctor’s announced that he is no longer contagious, they have sidestepped questions about whether he is now testing negative.

President Trump immediately rejected the idea and said he would not participate in the virtual debate, throwing the schedule into flux. The Trump campaign suggested the remaining two debates switch dates, moving the 15th to the 22nd, and adding the last on October 29th.

The Biden campaign refused to alter the dates. With the 2nd debate having been planned to be a Town Hall format, the Biden campaign is now planning to hold a Town Hall event in place of the canceled debate.

President Trump announced he would hold another “BIG” rally on Monday in Florida.

Presidential Debate Confusion 2020

Who does the cancellation of the debate help and/or hurt? Moreover, should president Trump be out on the campaign trail before he tests negative for the Coronavirus? Dr. Rossi discusses all these questions in this segment.

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