Returning to School During the Coronavirus Pandemic

Returning to school during the Coronavirus pandemic may be a daunting task. Dr. Bart Rossi, Ph.D. discusses.

Education is a vital part of American life.  And the new school semester is approaching quickly. With the pandemic still a force throughout the country, the question is, Is it safe to return?

Parents are concerned about their children’s education. Not to mention that kids are getting restless. Summer comes and goes all too quickly for most students. However, March to September is a long time, and suddenly students are actually wanting to return.

It’s not just about education, but also the social impacts: friends, sports, and interaction.

Dr. Fauchi recently warned Congress that

some states are prematurely reopening businesses, risking additional outbreaks and deaths, particularly among the most vulnerable populations.

He discussed that students and teachers in close proximity may cause a resurgence of the pandemic. So what is the solution?

For his part, President Trump says it is

Not an acceptable answer

Fox News took a different spin on his comments, stating that

predicted Tuesday night that the United States will be able to reopen its schools in the fall thanks to the expected progress by then in disease mitigation measures for the coronavirus.

In a New York Times article, they note that

Kids are getting more bored by the day. We wish we could go back to school to see our friends. But some of us are also really scared about getting the coronavirus, and we don’t want our friends and family to get it either.

So what is the solution, what are the real risk challenges, and how do we navigate the Coronavirus pandemic when schools reopen? Much like the economy, the country was not build to remain on an unending lockdown. But will moving too soon create a larger problem?

Returning to School During the Coronavirus Pandemic

Dr. Bart Rossi, Ph.D. discusses the challenge with WINK News. he addresses whether virtual schooling is a viable short-term or long-term solution.

The clock is ticking


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