Trump vs Trump

Trump vs Trump is not opinions or fake news. It is his words, on tape, saying two conflicting positions on coronavirus.  Will it have an impact on the voter’s view of Trump, or will they stay in character and disregard it as propaganda?

For more than three years President Donald Trump has been able to say anything.  Whether it’s been true or not hasn’t mattered to his base.  But now he faces a new challenge. Beginning in early February he has been consistent in conveying that his administration has been ahead of the virus; that Americans are not at risk “because of the great job they’ve done” he said. There were now infamous quotes from the president beginning in January and continuing to date. These would include :

There are only 15 cases, and they’re getting better and soon the number will be zero.”

It was ‘magically’ disappear with the warm weather”.

It’s like the flu”.

However, if one reviews his statements on a timeline, the larger narrative takes on a different meaning than the soundbites at the time.

What is different now is that it is not the media, the Democrats, or some hidden cabal trying to create a false narrative to make the president look bad. It is Trump conflicting with Trump’s own words, on tape, in total contradiction with what he disclosed in an interview vs. what he has been telling the American people.  So it’s Trump vs Trump.

The White House press secretary Kayleigh McEnany denies that President Trump downplayed the coronavirus, or lied to the American people. Yet in his audio interview with Bob Woodward, in his own words, said “I wanted to always play it down.”

In this video, you can hear the president acknowledge that the virus was so much more deadly than the flu, but then just weeks later told the American people it was just like the flu.

In that interview, he noted that he knew how serious Coronavirus was; he knew it was deadly, he admitted it is far more dangerous than the flu,  and that it was likely airborne.

The GOP now finds itself on defense, again, deflecting yet another Trump disaster.

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Trump vs Trump

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