2020 Back To School Fears

2020 back to school fears rise as pandemic continues.  Trump continues to push for openings, but what has spot cases shown us?  Dr. Bart Rossi, Ph.D. joins WINK News to discuss.

Kids are no doubt exhausted from being home. Parents want them to get back to school — both for peace of mind, and to continue their educations. But many parents are also worried. And they’re not alone. Teachers too are pushing back. President Trump and Secretary of Education Devos, however, continue to push for reopening.

In Florida, where the pandemic numbers have been spiking, has surpassed tNew York, once the epicenter of the pandemic. As the case count has reached 527,000, and the death count is over 8,000, Governor DiSantis still maintains schools will, in fact, be opening.

While it is important to note that while the case count in Flordia has dropped [from a high of 14,000 a day] to about 8,000 a day, the state is still at risk. And so are many other parts of the country. including Georgia, South Carolina, Texas, Arkansas, Mississippi, and Alabama.

2020 Back To School Fears

The back to school fears are justified.  Parents and teachers alike are concerned. Kids are not at high risk of getting sick from coronavirus, but studies suggest they may spread it at a higher rate.

In this episode, Dr. Rossi discusses fear psychology.



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