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The Future of Governor Chris Christie

For the past month, 'bridgegate' has been all over the news: and the Governor of New Jersey is in hot water. As you probably already know, Governor Chris Christie’s administration

Gov. Christie: “Bridge-Gate” and “The Conservative Conflict”.

  Gov. Chris Christie's "Bridge-Gate" and “The Conservative Conflict” is what the media has labeled it, it's media 

Dr. Bart Rossi weighs in Obama State of the Union address

President Obama delivered his 2014 State of the Union address on January 28, 2014. Through center right language and a progressive agenda, the speech was brilliant and unreplicable. President Obama

Nelson Mandela’s Legacy and Funeral

Nelson Mandela's Legacy and Funeral on Part 4 of 4 on this weeks

Dennis Rodman Goes Again to N. Korea

Dennis Rodman Goes Again to N. Korea and Doctor Bart Rossi joins the cast of The Fresh Look to discuss motives and impact. Plus, Vladimir Putin, and Mega

Target: Credit Card Breach

Target: Credit Card Breach leads Target to admit that millions of consumers may be affected. Doctor Bart Rossi appears on The Fresh Outlook to discuss this huge story.

Newtown Tragedy Fosters Gun Law Progress