Matt Gaetz Scandal

The Matt Gaetz scandal is growing by the day. The Trump DOB opened an investigation in the summer of 2020 on allegations that he engaged in sex trafficking. The indictment of his friend and party buddy, Joel Greenberg, has made things more complicated for him.

America had scandals all the time. And like a good soap opera, Americans can’t seem to get enough. We had the college entry scandal and the Penn State scandal to name a few.

Washington D.C. and its lawmakers have never been able to avoid scandal either. It seems that some years it is as omnipresent at the Capital as lobbyists. And it’s not a partisan issue: both Republicans and Democrats have had their fair share of scandal. From J.F.K’s secret trists to Nixon’s Watergate, Regan’s Iran-Contra, Obama’s Fast & Furious, to Trump’s many corruption scandals. Even All Franken in the middle of the me-too movement resigned over a photo he took years before he was a Senator. Today he regrets resigning. FWashington is ripe with them.

However, it seems that the ones that grip America are the personal ones, the seedy ones. The “OMG you won’t believe this’ ones, as when a har-right conservative got caught having a homosexual sexual encounter with an aide. The Matt Gaetz scandal is one of those.

Sex gets attention. So when it was revealed that Congressman Matt Gaetz has been under DOJ investigation for sex trafficking of a minor, that jumped to the head of the news cycle. And now, ensnared Congressman Matt Gaetz is finding no allies. Gaetz was quick to call it a ‘political hit job. He claimed in a speech that he is protecting the American people from the powers-that-be, and so they’ve made him a target. He went to say that “they’re not coming for me, they’re coming for you!”.

No MAtt. They’re coming for you because of what you allegedly did. The DOJ probe was opened in the summer of 2020 when Bill Barr was Attorney General and Donald Trump was president. While Qanon has been quick to defend him, Republican lawmakers have not. Even Fox, who made Gaetz a star, and gave him air-time to defend himself, has backed off.

His claim that this was a hit job as part of an extortion scheme against his family, isn’t passing the smell test. The extortion scheme is also being investigated, but they are not linked.

Matt Gaetz Scandal

His buddy Joel Greenberg who had resigned as tax collector last summer after his arrest for stalking charges pleaded guilty to the recent indictment of sex trafficking. He has since been indicted on no less than thirty-three charges. Greenberg is relevant, because, supposedly, he and Gaetz were engaged with sex for pay with underaged girls together.

And despite Greenberg initially pleading not guilty, he is now said to be working out a plea arrangement. Many speculate that he could very well provide evidence against Gaetz.

Several fellow Congressmen have reportedly admitted that Gaetz on many occasions sat in the House chamber attempting to show them photos of nude girls he had slept with.

And so the Capital turns.

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Political psychologist Dr. Bart Rossi discusses the unfolding story with WINK News.


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