Super Bowl Sunday Goes Social

Super Bowl Sunday goes social with a new twist on advertising. It has always been one of the biggest advertising days of the year, with viewers waiting for some of those recurring ads to see what they will do. But, this year is different.

The world has changed significantly over the past decade, and social media has been making its mark. Companies came to realize that consumers would be not only passive viewers but also become evangelists and promoters.

Not only could they reinforce what the company does well, they could also point out where the company is failing, and depending on how the company responds, could win new support via their ability and speed to make corrections. This was highlighted in an article entitled Negative Reviews Upside, by the digital agency Incognito Worldwide.

Dr. Bart Rossi, Ph.D., a clinical psychologist, joined WINK News This Morning show to discuss the impacts of what this year’s Super Bowl going social is trying to do in their new shift to adapt to the younger generation and speak to them in ways they can relate to.

This is the year of women’s empowerment, according to Dr. Rossi, as evidenced across society in the #MeToo movement, and in the recent elections.

Super Bowl Sunday Goes Social

In this episode, Dr. Rossi provides some insights into the psychology of the new approach. See where to live-view the game.



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