2020 Democratic Debate Part 2

2020 Democratic Debate part 2 pitted 10 candidates on the same stage. Did Biden hold his lead? How did Castro, Harris, Buttigieg, and Booker do?  Political psychologist Dr. Bart Rossi, Ph.D. was in the studio to discuss.

With twenty-four candidates battling for the Democratic nomination, only twenty qualifyings for the first debate. So who brought a message? The debate was broken down into two nights.

During the first night of debatesElizabeth Warren made a presence. She continues to cut into Sanders lead for the progressive vote. Bill De Blasio wrestled away air time from others, sometimes jumping into questions asked of others.

And, the 2020 Democratic debate part 2 highlighted the rest, with may of the poll leaders. These included Joe Biden, the front-runner. Also there tonight were  Bernie Sanders,  Kamala Harris, and Mayor Pete Buttigieg.

According to most reviews from the various news organizations, they saw the 1st night as calm and polite. The 2nd, however, they came out swinging. According to CNN politics, they saw Kamala Harris as making the largest impact, with Buttigieg introducing himself is a credible way. 

The key to any politician is a winning personality to have a winning campaign.

2020 Democratic Debate Part 2

In this episode, Dr. Bar Rossi weighs in on who he thought stood out, who didn’t, and why.

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