New Year Resolutions

New Year resolutions are made, and for many, broken every year. Dr. Bart Rossi, Ph.D. is in the studio to offer a different way to approach New Year resolutions for 2019.

Wanting and doing are not the same thing.  For many, they “want” to do something, whether it is to lose weight, exercise more, focus on expanding their business and/or advancing a career. Maybe it’s just being nicer to the people around them.

So why do many of us fail, every year? Based on polls each year, a large number of people every year make resolutions, and they fail to follow through. I guess you can say that they plan, then fail to execute that plan.

And the reality is, they did fail. But failure provides a chance to learn also, and from failure, comes success. There have been many examples throughout history, such as Lincoln, who lost every election he ever ran in, except the presidency.

Keep one’s resolutions isn’t often about having the force of will, but rather, a way of approach.

New Year Resolutions

Dr. Bart Rossi says that the end of each year is a good time to take stock in the year that just passed. Take a deep breath, and just review the year in your mind. What did you set out to do? What, if anything, did you accomplish in regard to it? And, ultimately, why did you fail?

In this episode of THIS MORNING, on Wink News, Dr. Roosi discusses the how and why of it all, and some ideas of how to better approach your New Year resolutions.



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