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How to Be Productive While Working Remotely with Kids

How to be productive while working remotely with kids at home can be a dilemma. Since the outbreak of the COVID19 pandemic, parents have had two adapt, seemingly overnight.  They have to continue to be productive working remotely, but also now have kids around them during their workday.  

Despite the absence of an office environment, employees still found ways to keep up with their task delivery and productivity. However, with kids at home also demanding attention, makes it more challenging to work remotely.

COVID19 impacted everyone. Kids and adults alike. Last August when it appeared that kids would be going back to school, that also created stress. with everything still undefined. And though schools have been slowly reopening, and the U.S. is vaccinating at a staggering rate, the COVID19 workday isn’t likely to change anytime soon. Many companies are considering whether to continue remote workers indefinitely.

So, what is the most effective way of working remotely with kids? This issue is a direct threat to every working parent’s productivity and should receive urgent attention. So let’s discuss a few tips on how to maintain high productivity while working remotely with kids.

Be Productive While Working Remotely with Kids

The head of the cloud-based software enterprise opined that remote working during the post lockdown era presents new challenges.

Here are some clues to help manage working remotely with children better.

Create an Office Space in your Home

There’s a certain pressure that comes with working in an office environment. While this may be unpleasant at times, it helps maintain and even increase your productivity. Moreover, one of the biggest drawbacks of working remotely is that you can get too comfortable.

Hence, an office-like environment is necessary to maintain your productivity while working remotely. But it’s not a must that you should have all the items or gadgets in an office since it might not be spacious. However, you may get a separate desk away from extreme comfort or your children’s presence.

Additionally, you can differentiate your workstation from your home equipment. For instance, you may decide to use your laptop for work purposes only and a tablet for non-work-related activities. Like swing for infants, you can use the tab to keep the kids busy with educational videos.

Develop a Well-Structured Routine

No one would crucify you for working remotely on the couch while wearing your pajamas. After all, that’s why it is called working from home. But the downside is that you may get too comfortable, which will tell badly about your reduced output. So, the best way to combat this complacency is to develop a working attitude.

You can mirror the same activities you had during your office working days. Taking a shower and dress up is a good way to create that workplace aura even while at home. It readies your mind for the day’s tasks and gives your kids the impression that you’re at work.  

Also, ensure to allocate ample time for every activity just the way you’d do if you were going to the office daily. This exercise will also help instill a habit in your kids and help with stress reduction.

A good example of a well-structured schedule may include

  •   Wake uptime
  •   Breakfast time
  •   Bathing for you and the kids
  •   Working hours
  •   Lunchtime

Adopt A Flexible Pattern of Living

You should ensure to be flexible with your schedule since you have children. While it’s helpful with that routine, you should understand that some days aren’t just normal. Hence, exercising a little grace on your strict schedule would make a lot of sense.

Who says dealing with kids is easy? You may want to be more forgiving toward yourself and your kids. Hence, ensure you inform your boss if it will hinder or decrease your productivity..

Organize Your Time and Reduce Distractions

How do you set up your time to avoid low productivity and reduce distractions? Better output and performance while working in your home bore down to excellent time management.

It’s best to set your working hours in advance to enable you to keep your work hours in check. This approach would help you to have ample time for your kids and avoid distractions. Since you’re at home, there will be distractions, but you will need to find a way to minimize them.


Thanks to the lockdown, most employers have switched to working remotely with their employees. While this may signal a better working condition for both parties, it comes with its challenges. The most prominent challenge is how to maintain your productivity and output without the distraction from kids.

This article outlined some ways to remain consistent on your output level, even with your children next door.  The tips on how to maintain high productivity while working remotely with the kids above are reliable and trusted. 

Isabel, a contributor at 4moms, whose mission is to develop dramatically better juvenile products.
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