U.S. Goals Regarding Iran After Assassination

U.S. Goals Regarding Iran After Assassination undefine. U.S. goals regarding Iran have been evolving for decades.  Political psychologist Dr. Bart Rossi, Ph.D. expresses thoughts on the potential fallout of the latest actions.

President Donald Trump took unprecedented action by ordering the assassination of General Qasem Soleimani. while he was traveling in Iraq.

Donald Trump said this action was to thwart war. Hawks in his administration, as well as his allies and supporters, cheered. The Iranian people gasped, while the world stood by in shock. Trumps says it was to STOP a war, not start one.

USA vs IranThe Trump administration claims the action was warranted because of an ‘imminent’ attack Soleimani was planning. This has been echoed by Secretary of State Pompeo.  To date, however, they have not provided any evidence to back up that claim.

In a closed-door briefing to Congress, congressional leaders emerged unconvinced. In fact, two of Trump’s supporters — Republican Senators Lee and Paul — pushed back. Rand made the case that the president doesn’t have the authority to enact an act of war — unless there is an imminent threat. He says, “we haven’t seen it”.

Lee noted it was the worst presentation he’d ever seen in his career, calling it “sophomoric”. The president shot back in a public statement claiming that “many senators” called him saying it was the ‘best’ presentation ever.

The House of Representatives, nonetheless,  passed a resolution limiting Trump’s ability to act unilaterally. They say the U.S. Goals Regarding Iran need to be defined.

Past And Future

Ironically, it was President Trump in 2012 that predicted that then-President Obama would start a war with Iran (at 2:16) to bolster his reelection efforts.

U.S. goals regarding Iran after assassination actions remain unclear. The Trump administration has said more sanctions are coming. Beyond the debate of who has the power to enact actions or war, the bigger debate revolves around the impact.  Since withdrawing from the Iran nuclear deal in 2018,  Iran has been more aggressive, not less.

Critics argue that that Trump, since taken office, has (A) emboldened the hawks within Iran, (B) destabilized U.S. credibility around the world, and (C) made the world less safe.

The BBC suggests that the Islamic State welcomed the event.

The immediate result was that in response to Trump’s action, Iran accidentally shot down a civilian airliner headed to Ukraine, killing 176 passengers. Actions have consequences, despite who is blame. 176 people are dead.

U.S. Goals Regarding Iran after Assassination

In this episode, Dr. Rossi questions u.S. goals regarding Iran after assassination actions in particular and the U.S. overall Iran strategy in general.



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