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Who Gets the $300 M left by Prince

Who Gets the $300 M left by Prince. He and other stars leave without a Will. The question is why. “Repression and denial” Dr. Rossi PhD says. Watch this segment with him, music and financial experts as they ponder what was going on in the decisions of Prince and other music stars.

This week on the FRESH OUTLOOK the panel discusses how musicians, especially highly successful musicians, can be very private, and very eccentric, and as such many don’t think about leaving a will.

Then they’re dead, and their estates linger for years.

It is possible that no one approached him to suggest a Will, but not probable. It is more probable that he simply didn’t want to deal with it. “If artists pay attention to the idea of death, they can also sometimes feel that it will happen.’

On the other hand, one panelist explained that a close friend of his — who is a well-known guitarist — had his house burn down, and his first call wasn’t the fire department, it was his agent.

What might have motivated Prince to get a will might have been someone going to him and saying, “I know you don’t care about the money, that it is just about the art.  However, if you don’t have a will your music may very well end up on a McDonalds commercial.”

Who Gets the $300 M left by Prince



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