Mindset of Sexual Abusers

The mindset of sexual abusers has often been a topic of discussion. Although, more so on the heels of the MeToo# movement and high-profile arrests. Psychologist Dr. Bart Rossi, Ph.D. explains.

Sexual abuse is nothing new. Women, (and some young boys) have been sexually abused throughout history. As recently as the early 2000s, women who accused men of sexual abuse, more often than not paid the price. On the witness stand, these women were verbally denigrated, often the subject of innuendo that “they wanted it”, based on the way they were dressed or acting at the time of the incident.

Fast-forward 15 years and the dam broke: Bill Cosby was finally charged and found guilty after decades of lingering accusations.  he would drug women and then “date-rape” them. Harvey Weinstein too had sexually abused women for decades: sometimes just inviting them over for a business chat and then coming out to greet them naked; other times using his position of Hollywood power to leverage women into unwanted sexual encounters.

In the past week, two other high-profile criminal cases have unfolded. Jeffrey Epstein’s arrest has brought his history of sexual abuse of minors back into the forefront of the news cycle. Epstein is a billionaire with extensive power connections, including Prince Andrew, Bill Clinton, and Donal Trump. Several years ago during an interview, Trump referred to Epstein a really good guy.

The Epstein case however ensnared more than Epstein himself, but also Trump Labor Secretary who resigned. Epstein had been investigated and charged several times before but in 2008 with dozens of accusers, R. Alexander Acosta, who was a Florida prosecutor at the time, broke the law by cutting a secret deal with Epstein without notification to any of the accusers. Epstein spent 13 months in jail but was allowed to leave jail and go to his office every day.

And now R. Kelly, the pop singer, who has also been dogged for decades, over his alleged sexual abuse, has also been arrested.

The Mindset of Sexual Abusers

In this episode, career psychologist Dr. Bart Rossi sheds some light on the mindset of sexual abusers. What drives them, and how do they justify it in their own minds? What need or void does it fill?

And lastly, why is it that now men are being charged and convicted when for so long many were never charged, and fewer convicted?


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