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Insider Mag Highlights Dr. Bart Rossi’s Views of the GOP Debate

Insider Magazine sees millennials as disengaged from social media about politics. In a recent article Insider Mag highlights Dr. Bart Rossi's  views of the GOP debate, noting that this political psychologist has

Dr. Bart Rossi Compares Kasich vs. Walker in the GOP Debate

Dr. Bart Rossi compares Kasich vs. Walker in the GOP debate for the

A Psychological View of the Struggles of the Millennial Bridesmaid

In an article entitled "7 Struggles Of Being A Millennial Bridesmaid That Make It Way Less Fun" by Jessica Schirripa of Elite Daily, she reached out to Dr. Bart Rossi,

“Rudy Giuliani In Bad Taste” says Dr. Bart Rossi

During a Daily News interview with a noted political psychologist, "Rudy Giuliani In Bad Taste" says Dr. Bart Rossi.

Political Psychology Discussed in Dr Bart Rossi Social Magazine Interview

Political Psychology Discussed in Dr Bart Rossi Social Magazine Interview  for the December 4th 2014 issue.  In the opening minutes of the meetup -- following a firm handshake and genuine

Featured in U.S. Daily Review – Military and health

Doctor Bart Rossi wrote an article that was featured in U.S. Daily Review, looking at mental health issues and how it affects the military; not just of active servicemen but

VP Candidate Performaces: Dr. Rossi Featured in Daily News Panel to Rate Them

In VP candidate  debate, Dr. Bart Rossi is featured in New York City's Major newspaper, the New York Daily News, rating the performances of  vice president Joe Biden and  Congressman Paul

2012 Presidential Debate; Round One

Weighing in on the debate: ‘Political Psychologist’ Doctor Bart Rossi regularly contributes to the political coverage seen in the New York Daily News – one of New York’s oldest and most popular daily newspapers. Here he joins a panel of political experts assessing the 2012 presidential debates.

Election 2012

Dr. Rossi added to panel of experts for New York Daily News to discuss  the presidential