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Big Tuesday Primaries Follow Up

Big Tuesday Primaries follow up with political psychologist Dr. Bart Rossi PhD. again appearing on WINK-TV's Campaign Central to discuss what's happening in the race for president.

Dr. Bart Rossi With Election Primary Analysis on CBS

Dr. Bart Rossi With election primary Analysis on CBS WINK News. Bernie and Hillary, Trump vs. Cruz and Kasich - the battle continues.

Dr. Bart Rossi PhD Says Clinton beats Trump in a General Election

Political psychologist Dr. Bart Ross PhD says Clinton beats Trump in a general election, but also defends Trump regarding the convention.  Joining host Logan Crawford, with guest panelists Alain Sanders

What the Trump and Clinton Losses Mean in the Wisconsin Primary Results

What the Trump and Clinton losses in the Wisconsin Primary results mean according to political psychologist Dr. Bart Rossi PhD. analyzes the cause and effects. he appears on the WINK-TV

Trump is Winning the Battle Yet Losing the War

During a recent interview analyzing the Republicans town hall debate , political psychologist Dr Bart Rossi, PhD says Donald Trump is winning the battle yet losing the war; in other

March 15 Super Tuesday Analysis

March 15 Super Tuesday analysis with insights by political psychologist Dr. Bart Rossi, PhD.  on WINK TV. Trump and Clinton score big, Cruz and Sanders are hanging around, Kadich refuses

Does Trump Incite Violence

This is the discussion today on WHDT with it's guest Dr. Bart Rossi, PhD, a political psychologist.  Does Trump incite violence, is a complicated question.

Dr. Bart Rossi PhD Analyzes Lead Up to Super Tuesday 2016

Dr. Bart Rossi PhD Analyzes lead up to Super Tuesday 2016 on WINK News Campaign Central. Trump continues his assaults and picks up more delegates. Where does Cruz and Rubio

Lightning News This Week

Lightning news this week on The Fresh Outlook panel talks about hot topics: Trump, Harper Lee, Walmart, Newsweek, and Cuba.

Hate Speech Growing in America

Is hate speech growing in America? According to a stat presented on The Fresh Outlook, it grew 14 since last year. Dr. Bart Rossi joins the panel to discuss these