Iraq Crisis: How Does This Impact The Economy and Gas Prices?

Dr. Bart Rossi appeared on the Fresh Outlook with host Mia Toschi, Co-host Dee Dee Benke, and Mark Irion, levick Energy, to discuss the impact of the Iraq crisis, as

The Monica Lewinsky Factor

VIDEO: She was the scandal of the decade during President Clinton's second term, and now she is being discussed again as Hillary is expected to make a presidential run in

Climate Change Debate

VIDEO: The Fresh Look has a panel discussion on climate change. As Dr. Rossi wrote about several weeks ago, "there appears to be a consensus as high as 97 percent among

North Korea: Should we be Conserned?

North Korea continues to make threats in retaliation for tougher sanctions imposed by the international community. Is this a real threat, or

Newtown-Sandy Hook School Shooting marks 1 year anniversary

Newtown-Sandy Hook School Shooting marks 1 year anniversary and the impact is discussed on this weeks FirstLook part 3 of 4.

Nelson Mandela’s Legacy and Funeral

Nelson Mandela's Legacy and Funeral on Part 4 of 4 on this weeks

Dennis Rodman Goes Again to N. Korea

Dennis Rodman Goes Again to N. Korea and Doctor Bart Rossi joins the cast of The Fresh Look to discuss motives and impact. Plus, Vladimir Putin, and Mega

Target: Credit Card Breach

Target: Credit Card Breach leads Target to admit that millions of consumers may be affected. Doctor Bart Rossi appears on The Fresh Outlook to discuss this huge story.

Teen Affluenza Defense

A 16-old teen who while drink driving killed four people, was given a sentence of 10 years probation. Dr.Bart Rossi Ph.D join host Mia Toschi to discuss the precedent being