Senator John McCain Reviewed

Senator John McCain reviewed by political psychologist Dr. Bart Rossi, Ph.D.  Who was McCain, and what impact will his death have on the Senate and the nation?

Senator John McCain was often referred to as a ‘the maverick of the Senate.’ He was driven by personal beliefs, strong inner conviction, integrity, and a love of America.

Whether you agree or disagree with his policies, he was liked and beloved throughout the Senate. He was consistent and willing to listen. he’d also cross the aisle to find solutions to problems facing the nation.

In death, people are often eulogized as perfect.  Senator John McCain, like most anyone else, did things well but also made errors along the way. But to most in the Senate, he was kind, honest, and hard-working.

He was in the headlines a lot these past few years. From the time President Trump noted: “He’s not a war hero. I like people who don’t get captured, Ok.?” The feud was on.  President Trump gave Senator McCain plenty to fire back with too. Though he never seemed to attack Trump out of malice or pettiness: it was usually an issue of importance.

During the vote for TrumpCare, McCain came onto the Senate floor and gave the now famous thumbs down to the bill.

Even on his deathbed, McCain urged the nation to resist tribalism and left comments interpreted as though for Trump. In his last wishes, he made it clear he did not want Trump at his funeral. This may be an isolated case when a president did not attend the funeral for such a senior statesman.

Dr, Rossi spoke with WINK News about the impact he had, and what psychological imprint he may have left on people with his exit.

Senator John McCain Reviewed



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