Stormy Daniels Scandal

When Rudy Guiliani said on a recent talk show that Trump paid back his lawyer for hush money given to adult film star Stormy Daniels, it sent the Stormy Daniels scandal into overdrive. It was only a week earlier that Trump stated hedidn´t know about the payment. Political psychologist Dr.Bart Rossi,PhD. joins Wink News to discuss the fallout.

Rudy, who joined the Trump legal team approximately a week ago (to focus on the Russia Investigation) apparently made the disclosure because of fears that Trump and/or Cohen were at risk of campaign violations. So he took the position that the president repaid the money to Cohen. Thishe said made it a personal and business matter, and that it had no bearing on campaign funds,was not a campaign violation, and something the president did to protect his family reputation.

But then on Fox & Friends said “could you imagine if Stormy Daniels story came out during the last debate with Hillary Clinton?”He went on to say that Michael Cohen just handled it.

To add further to the controversy, president Trump told the press that Rudy only started yesterday (untrue,it was a week earlier) and wasn´t yet familar with the case but that he´ll get the facts sorted out.

Political psychologist Bart Rossi joins WinNews and breaks down what it means.



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